We Are Furbify

We refurbish and sell premium quality business laptops and PCs. We are proud to contribute to the environment by refurbishing tens of thousands of devices every year. Our goald is to provide the best possible service to all our customers and reseller partners.

furbify s.r.o. team

Our company started in 2007 from a small room. Initially, we dealt with computer servicing and small systems maintenance, and later we opened a small PC shop in our hometown. With the onset of the financial crisis, we realised that the real breakthrough was in refurbished computers, which could provide anyone with a high-quality, reliable, premium device at a fraction of the price. At that time, this segment was almost unknown in the Central European market, so it was initially very difficult to gain the trust of our customers.

After overcoming the initial difficulties, we quickly became known for our high quality and affordable products and received more and more orders. From the very beginning, we focused on customer experience and improved our service based on feedback. Our success is largely due to this.

Over time, we've been able to add a number of schools and public institutions to our customer base, enabling them to afford more and better quality laptops and PCs for a significantly lower investment. Over 300 educational institutions now use Furbify refurbished laptops and PCs.

After the initial success, we've taken the plunge and have been bold enough to take on bigger and bigger projects. As a result, we soon opened our first webshop on the Slovak market. Since then, we have expanded our operations to many countries and sell tens of thousands of refurbished laptops and PCs across Europe every year.

furbify refurbished laptops and computers

The furbify quality

The devices are refurbished in our own factory by our experts. Many of our staff have decades of experience in the field. We have chosen the hard way, because we believe that the only way to guarantee quality is to have our own team oversee the whole process.

We have high expectations of ourselves, so we don't settle for a sham solution: we treat each device with individual attention. Each device is cleaned, dusted (repainted if necessary), tested and configured individually. We are constantly improving our refurbishment processes, and we have now achieved a level of "Furbify quality" that is recognised on the European market.

Our mission is to promote refurbished computers as a great value for money recycled product. Our aim is to ensure that products that have already been manufactured once have a longer lifespan; that they are put back into circulation as often as possible, rather than ending up in landfills.