Since Furbify's mission is primarily defined by environmental awareness, allow us to share what we do every day to make this a reality. Everyone knows that a refurbished product is good for the planet, but let's examine whether we are truly in harmony with what we advertise and communicate.

furbify sustainability

We admit we are not perfect in this regard, and we still have a lot to improve, but we are making an effort. Within our company, we have established the Furbify Green Team, who are continuously working on creating an environmentally conscious corporate culture. We hope these ideas can also help other like-minded companies.

  • We selectively collect waste (of course, sometimes things end up in the wrong place, but we try to educate our colleagues nonetheless).
  • We use a homemade compost bin in our facility.
  • We collect batteries and accept electronic waste in our city for free.
  • We welcome plants that our employees have grown tired of at home.
  • To save water, we use a dishwasher and environmentally friendly dishwasher tablets.
  • We use more sustainable packaging materials.
  • We make filling material out of damaged cardboard boxes.

We don't think these actions alone will save the world, but we are continuously working to stay true to what we fight for every day. There's much more to be done. Let every day be Earth Day!