Furbify client testimonials

We know that everyone is careful about refurbished products at the beginning. We only sell quality products and we have a unique photo book with photos from customers, currently with 0 reviews!

Furbify client testimonials: Furbify collects reviews from customers and publishes them if the following rules are followed. The primary goal of this activity is to improve our services and facilitate the decision-making of new customers. The rating will only be published if it can be proven that it was created after the actual purchase. Therefore, order data, product data, customer data and, in most cases, photographs are always associated with the evaluations. Text reviews can also include product and service evaluations, that is, evaluations of the overall customer experience. Customers can also rate purchased products separately (using asterisks). We do not select ratings by displaying only positive reviews, but in accordance with our policies, we reserve the right not to display an opinion on an unprovable purchase, even if it is favorable to us. We reserve the right to moderate ratings solely in terms of spelling. Spelling errors that may occur will be corrected from time to time.